Peaceful Workplace Building
Through Strengths Based Staff Training

These trainings facilitate peaceful groups. When you partner with Business Works, colleagues will experience each training as a peaceful community enabling skill building to take place at a high level. 

Business Works

What We Do

Business Works specializes in simple, engaging, and extremely effective trainings for all varieties of businesses, workplaces and groups.

Each training is carefully designed to be an uplifting event sure to increase positive engagement, customer appreciation and good vibes.

Employees Will:

  • Go back to work with new skills they can use immediately.
  • Gain a renewed sense of understanding and connection to work.
  • Share a meaningful and enjoyable event, together as a team.

The benefits are endless!

Helpful Clarifications When Considering Business Works:

You need not have problems or complications in the workplace in order to benefit from the inspiring sessions. Joe is an expert improving workplaces in all states of well-being.

In fact, even the healthiest of workplaces benefit from Joe’s trainings, as they are always enjoyable, as much as they are valuable!

“Life is a series of meetings. Join me for training and we’ll interact with graceful respect as each of us clarifies our place at the table. Together, participants discover ways to improve work and gain understanding of each other’s contribution; discovering how to meet with ease and joy, fulfilling successful projects as a unified team.”

The warmest regards from Your Friend In The Workplace,   

Joe TassinariJoe Tassinari
Instructor ~ Team Coach
Business Works

Business Works

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