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Reflection ~ Findings and Evaluation Comments from the Business Works workshop "My Contribution to Our Board" for American River Conservancy Board of Directors held in Coloma, CA. 90 minute Workshop.

Instructor: Joe Tassinari​ARC Board

​"Reflection is offered to give power to voice, to promote understanding among team members and bring light to the findings from the workshops."

REFLECTION – ARC Board of Directors Workshop: "My Contribution to Our Board"
Wednesday, October 26, 2016


One reason each participant is a positive group member:

Who is ARC's client? (cumulative answer)

  • Upper Consumnes River & Upper American River watersheds in conjunction with current and future generations.

​Generally, what are some responsibilities of Boards of Directors?

  • Set strategy and organizational objectives
  • Oversight
  • Make decisions
  • Be a team player
  • Monitor staff so that they're doing the work of the organization
  • Legally responsible for fiscal health

About how many years has each board member served?

  • Steve – 3,  Fred – 1,  Cathy – 8,  Kyle – 4,  Scott – 6

​One function I would like to contribute to the ARC Board:
(each Board Member serves in many capacities, during this workshop we explored one)

  • Steve – Push for both outdoor recreation and conservation.
  • Fred – My time and experience. 
  • Cathy – Be treasurer.
  • Kyle – My passion for conservation.
  • Scott – My time and experience to keep ARC solvent and relevant.

This function is beneficial to the other Board members because:

  • Steve – Reminds us of what our focus can be.
  • Fred – My background is different than others, so I may have different perspectives.
  • Cathy – Treasurer is a required position & I sign documents such as authorizing reimbursements.
  • Kyle – It helps them understand my genuine motivation.
  • Scott – I'm finally understanding how ARC is funded, what our mission is & how to communicate ideas.

This function is beneficial to ARC because:

  • Steve – Provides natural lands to community for recreation, exercise & connection to nature. It also provides preserved, undeveloped habitat for our ecosystem to thrive.
  • Fred – It helps the Board to make decisions to help the ARC client. 
  • Cathy – It assists ARC being an effective nonprofit Land Trust.
  • Kyle – It results in board decisions that support ARC's mission.
  • Scott – Because of my love of the outdoors & conserving the lands we have acquired.

This function is beneficial to the world at large because:

  • Steve – It helps preserve some natural areas for people & nature to thrive.
  • Fred – It helps the board to make wise decisions that might expand out to the world a tiny bit. 
  • Cathy – it allows ARC to maintain healthy water supplies & oxygen coming from the American and Consumnes watersheds.
  • Kyle – Making impacts locally can result in worldwide benefits.
  • Scott – We, however small, set an example of what can be done to preserve watersheds for the future by a group of dedicated people.

​Evaluation Comments

What were the strengths of the workshop, what did you value most?

  • Open discussion/non-threatening. Better understanding of what motivates each of us. Got to know each other better on a personal level.
  • It was very engaging for all of us. It helped me to open up a bit.
  • Learning about the other members and where they were coming from.
  • The inclusive nature of all workshop components.
  • The participation, fully, of everyone. Joe's insight and ability to subtly direct us to a good outcome.

​What could have been improved?

  • I don't know of anything.
  • Not sure.
  • Doing this 5 years ago.
  • Nothing that I can think of.
  • ??

How will you apply what you learned?

  • Connect to each other better at Board meetings. Open, trusting attitude in Board meetings.
  • Be more comfortable in the group.
  • I think this should apply to our 2017 objectives.
  • Reinforcing kindness & joy in all aspects of life.
  • Better appreciation of my Board Members. Use everyone's strengths. Understand our motivations.

Participants: Scott, Kyle, Cathy, Fred, Steve

End of 10/26/16 Reflection for ARC Board of Directors
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