Peaceful Workplace

Peaceful Workplace
Through Uplifting Staff Trainings

~ giving staff every advantage, where peace is the bottom line ~

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Q: If we take one of these workshops what can we expect? Practicing being brilliant, engaged and positive.

  • Peaceful interactions.
  • Trust, inclusion, and unity.
  • Egalitarian leadership dynamics.
  • Renewed sense of enthusiasm for work.
  • Inter-departmental collaboration and harmony.

"I have really enjoyed the sessions I have attended; each session I feel brings out the positive energy that gets lost in every day routine. I highly recommend these trainings.‚Äč" ~Participant

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"This training allowed me to see myself from a different point of view. It's given me an opportunity to move forward and grow on a positive note." ~Participant

Business Works, with peaceful workplaces.

Joe Tassinari, Business WorksI help groups achieve goals as a peaceful community through uplifting staff trainings. Participants quickly realize that success begins with them weaving their strengths into the strengths of their colleagues. These trainings give staff the tools to have continued positive interactions and peaceful global outcomes. 

 "Joe is amazing at promoting acceptance, trust and unity; allowing everyone to connect, feel comfortable and soak-in content" ~Participant

"President of Business Works, Instructor & Inclusion Specialist – Joe's professional focus is helping groups create peaceful and collaborative workplaces where people have the opportunity to be their best among a united team. His trainings focus on workplace harmony through professional development for every level of staff; they are innovative, uplifting, and build peaceful communities." 

You and your colleagues spend so much of your lives at work, why not have your workplace be enjoyable and place where each of you is excited to drive to in the morning?

Participants report that the skills learned are being used successfully in their professional life and at home. 

"I always refer to what I have learned in your classes to help me stay on pace and be positive. It has truly helped me in being successful here at work and at home." ~Participant

Utilizing a strength-based approach, participants discover what it is they're already doing well to grow as professionals and as a community.

"I greatly appreciate your efforts and time in getting us unified as a very strong team.  This training, and your mentorship, is sure to remain at the forefront of our minds for a long time." ~Participant

Though the course topics may seem familiar the engagement is unique because staff operate as a peaceful community. You'll witness all colleagues interacting with ease!

"I've never had a class taught in a style that made you want to participate, until now." ~Participant

Strengths-Based Methodology – Team members learn to speak up for themselves and their colleagues by understanding what is working well. Each person's function is translated into purpose towards a united front. Productivity and morale skyrocket.Participants with Joe, Del Norte County

"Teamwork makes the dream work.” So what’s the dream? … a peaceful place to work, where each person’s contribution to their department, to the organization’s vision and to the entire world is recognized for what it is. A positive workplace breeds accountability, a desire to contribute and 35% more productivity.

Peaceful Workplace Series – an enterprise-wide series of workshops for all staff that delivers harmony, trust and positive relationships.

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Workshops are offered as full day, half day and 90 minute sessions. Contact Joe for details. 

"This course was able to take us to a new comfort level with honesty and openness, thank you." ~Participant

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