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Some of what is discovered during training (findings) and *verbatim training evaluation comments are posted on this page to "reference" the workshop experience. 

Business Works ~ "Trainings for Peaceful Workplaces!"

"I valued most the instructor making it clear how much we are all responsible for peace!" Participant, 6/11/15


Soul Seed – Peaceful Community

Peaceful Family ~ Carbondale, CO

SCC – Leadership with Heart

ARC – My Contribution to Our Board

SIA – Strengths Building as a Team (utilizing StrengthsFinder 2.0)

Stanislaus County – Mindfulness and Well Being at Work; The Power of Positivity

Alpine County – Building Positive Work Relationships

Green Giant – My Place In The Workplace

Madera County – Understanding Team Unity

Humboldt County – Customer Service & Wellness In The Workplace

Family Fun Time – Lotus, CA

Understanding Team Unity – Golden Sierra High School

The Effective Leader – Napa County HHSA

Communicating Service Excellence & Trust Building In The Workplace – Humboldt County DHHS

Our Communication Styles – El Dorado County HHSA

How To Work as a Team – Plumas County

Understanding Team Unity – Sierra County HHS

Tools For Successful Communication – Sierra County HHS

Trust Building for Teams – Stanislaus County CSA

Conflict Resolution – Sonoma County Human Services

Defusing Difficult Situations – Stanislaus County CSA

Defusing Difficult Situations October 2014peaceful community Business Works Joe Tassinari

Stress Management > Self Care September 2014

Focusing On The Customer June 2014

Trust Building For Teams June 2014

Customer Service "Being In Service To Others" June 2014

Del Norte County –  How To Work As A Team May 2014

Workplace Enrichment Session February 2014

Evaluations about the Coach

Workplace Enrichment Session December 2013

Sacramento County – How To Work As A Team June 2013

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"I really am impressed that you were able to hustle up your gig, and venture into the unknown, I wouldn't have been able to stick my neck out there like that." ~ Nathan Norwood, Drummer; Team Leader.