Peaceful Community ~ Reflection

Reflection ~ findings and comments from a Peaceful Community seminar for the Soul Seed Community held at 13 Moons Ranch in Carbondale, CO on March 9, 2017.

Facilitator: Joseph TassinariPeaceful Community​​

"​Reflection is offered to give power to voice, to promote understanding among group members, and bring light to the  findings and comments from our time together. This is also used as a reminder that we can be a PEACEFUL COMMUNITY "

Thursday 3/9/17 – 9 Participants


One reason each person makes a positive community member:

  • Comforting
  • Laughter & Presence
  • Enthusiastic
  • Caring
  • Respectful
  • Accepting
  • Cheer leader
  • Accommodating
  • Happy
  • FLOW                                           read what others have said

* The picture above depicts the I•A•M Compass, cards chosen by the Soul Seed members.
The eight cards read:

"I•A•M Compass", a deck of 64 cards, is an iChing Chakra Energy Oracle system, designed by group member Dustin, to deliver freedom through love.

Each participant named one person they trust and why:

  • Sophia because we share heart centers together.
  • Kirsten because she's kind and honest.
  • Michael because he's honest, fair and kind.
  • Aaron Taylor because he's kind and caring.
  • Crystal because she thinks before she responds.
  • Aja because she speaks the truth.
  • Nico because he's always accepting.
  • Bonnie because she matters and dances with exquisite beauty.
  • Sam because he only knows oneness.


Thoughts shared about the Peaceful Community event:

  • It was a deeply bonding experience to work with Joseph in our group. It opened us all up with ease and fun!
  • Joseph brought us together and guided us in fostering trust.
  • Thank you for doing this work in the world. What a Blessing! Simple. Direct. Powerful. Change. Love.
  • I am grateful for the simplicity of your gift. You united more deeply an already united circle. The work you do nourishes like a good soup on a cold day. I felt an opening that was gentle and fun. A container for vulnerabilities to be received & loved. I can't do one sentence ♡
  • Beautiful beginning helped to overcome fear, deep, a beneficial "ice breaker".
  • The peaceful community experience allowed us to express what was just beneath the surface, making visible our strengths as we move forward.
  • It felt like handwork feels to me – purposeful, soothing, possible, creative.

Peaceful Community

Mateo, Cara, Olivia, Dustin, Michelle, Oriana, Rochelle, Sam

End of 3/9//2017 Reflection for Soul Seed
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