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1/29/2014 – Workplace Enrichment "Workshop"

Evaluation Results Mother Lode River Center, Leadership Team – 8 participants

1. How did it feel to attend today's workshop?Workplace Enrichment - positive interactions, a great place to work!

  • Fun, introspective, challenging, thought-provoking.
  • Real.
  • Comfortable, inspiring.
  • Special, necessary, more profound than anticipated, affirming.
  • Today's workshop was time well spent, not only did it feel good but I have benefited both personally and professionally.
  • Engaging, non-judgmental and informative.
  • I felt very comfortable and supported by my fellow workers and Joe our facilitator.
  • Awesome. I love these people like family.

2. What will be most useful for me as I move forward with my coworkers is …

  • Knowing more about people's interpersonal relationships is very insightful.
  • The ability to know my co-workers better and know that I can trust their feelings about me and the company.
  • The most useful thing moving forward with my co-workers will be my ability to prioritize positive thinking, enabling me to effectively connect with my team – in a personal way.
  • I know moving forward that I can shape my workplace, enhancing the experience for myself & my coworkers.
  • The knowledge of trust and love and respect everyone demonstrated towards each other.
  • Improved communication and desire to be an easy person to be around. Keeping things in perspective.
  • We agreed to be honest and kind.
  • Remembering to embody the asset-based approach in the face of difficult situations or people.

3. Because of today's training I feel:

More comfortable around my co-workers  .  .  .  .    8 – yes     0 – sort of     0 – no

I have a more positive outlook about my job    .  .    8 – yes     0 – sort of     0 – no

Our workgroup is more team oriented       .  .  .  .    8 – yes     0 – sort of     0 – no

4. Your thoughts about the trainer …

  • Joe helped us find our own already known, but maybe not practiced, qualities & characteristics that embody a good team. We evaluated ourselves as a group in a a way that was honest yet kind & constructive. Joe also created opportunities to open up emotionally with each other in ways that do not happen in everyday life. Overall the training ended leaving us feeling inspired & grateful for the work team we are. 
  • Joe is on top of his game, knows inter-human relations, has applied himself to the world in a very meaningful way.
  • Joe is inspiring and fun.
  • Joe you did a wonderful job creating the atmosphere of trust and comfort that allowed us to be honest and open without fear.
  • Joe is organized and professional; he has a remarkable ability to put groups at ease, helping them to open up to positive change.
  • Joe's ability to create a nonjudgemental space, through his own positive attitude, enables teams to truly focus on issues within the team.
  • Joe did a very professional, warm and insightful job of brining us together.
  • Joe T is the best in the business. Immediately disarms and befriends everyone he meets. Couldn't spread the love better.

5. Comments and suggestions please …

  • Always conduct these workshops at MaLode in the GR house on rainy days. Perfect! A similar process would be helpful during the season.
  • Thank You! Truly a moving and inspiring experience AND! I'm stoked to have gotten to know you better through this experience! smiley
  • Although I now you're following a "positivity" model, I think more effort/time into discussing "improvements" would be helpful/insightful.
  • Thank you Joe; this is as much a teambuilding workshop as a quality of life workshop! The material you cover & help us work through is real and it matters.
  • None; this was fantastic, thank you. We Love you, Joe!
  • Can't think of anything right now. I will let you know if I think of something later.
  • Ask why do we get up and go to work. How do we feel at the end of the day. 

Workshop Findings 1/29/14

What makes a good team?

  • Supporting one another
  • Listening – like really listening
  • Being present/engaged
  • Eye towards greatest good
  • Agreeing on the same goals
  • Being open to other's ideas
  • Trust
  • Recognizing each others talents and strengths
  • Awareness of moods/stress/situation

​What needs improvement?

  • Communication bulletin
  • Help one another keep perspective
  • Maintain endurance
  • Understanding and meeting clients' expectations

​What's working well?

  • Belief in each other and what we work for
  • Staff is accountable
  • Communication through multiple routes
  • Inclusive joviality

​Group Agreements
~ We agree to be flexible
~ We agree to be honest and kind
~ Check in with each other on a personal level

The Team: Aaron, Scott, Scotty, Courtney, Christie, Brita, Heather, Penny

Workplace Enrichment "The Practice of WE" is delivered with one workshop, followed by three coached staff meetings. The above comments are from the workshop. The three coached staff meetings were scheduled for 2/7, 2/14, and 2/21/2014. (see below) einstein simple

2/7/14 – Workplace Enrichment, First Meeting

Meeting Facilitator – Joe

Agenda Topic – Agenda Template and The 5 Things

Topic Activity – Reviewed template and the 5 things.

Business Findings – Proprietary, not available for public view.

Meeting Evaluation – 6 participants – 4 staff, 1 dog, 1 coach

Brita, Penny, Scott, Scotty, Charlie (dog) and Joe

  • I felt included      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  • It was easy to be around me      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  • This meeting brought us closer as a team      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  • I enjoyed our meeting      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  • It was easy for me to be around the other attendees     5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement


  • Appreciate the direction and coaching. I look forward to seeing how we are able to apply this on our own in the future.
  • Overall, very positive, but he flow felt a little wonky/stymied at times. Maybe a little more time should be spent discussing the reports from team members.
  • I found it was helpful in bringing out missed communication on an important issue. Joe did a great job of keeping the tone positive yet professional.
  • I think that as the frequency of these meetings increases, our ability to filter information down to relevant, specific objectives will really add benefit and purpose to our direction.
  • Felt good, everyone seemed receptive, I like this style of communication. Thanks to Penny for the lovely pumpkin dump cake. 

​On positive psychology – Dr. Martin Seligman
Albert Einstein

<end of 1st meeting>

2/14/14 – Workplace Enrichment, Second Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Scotty

Agenda Topic: Outdoor Education TripsPicture of a Pika

Agenda Activity: For the topic activity Scotty prepared a "Gallery Walk". He presented 5 sheets of paper, each sheet contained a different question related to improving the spectrum of Outdoor Education with the company. Each person sauntered about offering their thoughts at each station. Findings were reflected and then recorded to be presented during the next meeting.

Agenda Quote: "Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education." ~ David Polis

Business Findings: Proprietary, not available for public view.

Meeting Evaluation – 6 participants – 4 staff, 1 dog, 1 coach

Brita, Penny, Scott, Scotty, Charlie (dog) and Joe

  1. I felt included      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  2. It was easy to be around me      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  3. It was easy for me to be around others  5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  4. This meeting brought us closer as a team      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  5. I enjoyed our meeting      5 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  6. The meeting format is ideal  3 – Yes     1 – Needs Improvement     1 – Undecided


  • The meeting topic and activity were especially enjoyable today.
  • Scotty was well prepared and had great ideas to make the meeting flow. "Something Nice" went really well.
  • I really appreciated your <Joe> coaching today and your suggestions always feel appropriate without making me feel wrong/stupid/incompetent.
  • Scotty's facilitation was perfect! I loved the "sign in", the quote was very inspiring. Our time together was positive, event-filled, had equal interaction and FUN! I suggest experimenting with having the meeting somewhere else once in a while.
  • I really appreciated how Scotty really held himself accountable to being the facilitator. Excellent planning, preparation & execution.

Mother Lode River Center
Wilderness Skills Institute
What's a pika?

<end of 2nd meeting>

2/21/14 – Workplace Enrichment, Third Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Penny

Agenda Topic: Creativity In The Workplacedoodling during a meeting

Agenda Activity: For the activity Penny had us come up with various ways to inspire creativity while at work and encouraged us to doodle during the meeting. (findings below)

Agenda Quote: "The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well. I don't like to use the word efficiency. It's creativity. It's a belief that every person counts."  ~ Jack Welch

Business Findings: Proprietary, not available for public view.

Meeting Evaluation – 4 participants – 3 staff, 1 coach 

Brita, Penny, Scotty, and Joe (Scott was off to Oregon)

  1. I felt included      4 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  2. It was easy to be around me      4 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  3. It was easy for me to be around others  4 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  4. This meeting brought us closer as a team      4 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement
  5. I enjoyed our meeting      4 – Yes     0 – Needs Improvement 

​Comments about Joe as "coach"

  • Joe is comfortable to work with. Very helpful as a coach pulling me/us back on topic. Joe helped me, the facilitator this week, to get my thoughts togethr and channel them into a focused, meaningful presentation. I have learned valuable skills in communication, leadership and presentation over the past 4 weeks and wish he could stay longer.
  • Joe has a beautiful ability to communicate his knowledge in ways that are relatable and understandable to/for anyone. By being able to connect with all team members in this way, he effortlessly facilitates team progression – ensuring that each team member advances in a way that's comfortable for them.
  • I love how Joe is able to hone our focus toward inspiration and positive thinking about our work environment and relationships.

​​​Comments about today's meeting

  • I think people came in today maybe a little burned out/overwhelmed/unfocused and the atmosphere is already much more positive after just a couple of hours 🙂
  • Wow! Action-packed and positive! Penny did a wonderful job as facilitating today's meeting. The sign-in, energizer and activity were creative and FUN. Thanks to all, it felt really good. I missed Scott.
  • Today's meeting was fun. Loved learning how creative my coworkers are and enjoyed my time with them.
  • Penny truly expressed her personality through this meeting. It was a true joy to see her creative, fun side presented in a way that was constructive for the whole group. Her sweetness gave the morning a fun, relaxed feeling and that emotion continued through our meeting. GREAT JOB!

​​​Ideas to generate creatiivity in the workplace

  • Music and movement
  • Ensure everyone has and equal turn
  • Secret messages on desks
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Face paint each other
  • Annonymous question board
  • Walk outside
  • Quiet break in secret place
  • Opportunity for shared wisdom
  • Muffins & jellybeans
  • Meetings in new places with other people (maybe non-employees?)
  • Sharing discoveries (art, literature)

Type of relationship desired with co-workers – role at work

Jovial – General Manager/Marketing Manager
Fun – Business Office Manager
Genuine – Operations Manager/River Guide/OE Facilitator
Enjoyable – River Guide/ OE Professional
Successful – Owner

Fostering Creativity in the WorkplaceWE
Famous CEOs, Jack Welch,
Contact Business Works

This concludes the 3rd "coached" staff meeting and the end of the Workplace Enrichment session. The Mother Lode staff will continue taking turns as meeting facilitator and utilize the WE agenda template because it delivers safety, positive relationship building, inclusion, sense of community and skill building during regular staff meetings.

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