Youth Works

Business Works Company supports A+Mentoring; a school-based community service strategy that teaches youth how to cooperate as excellent team members. Youth with A+ Mentoring

  • Youth voluntarily enroll in "Group" which is held on-site at their school's campus, during school hours.
  • In Group, youth and adult mentors, practice 5 supports: Safety, Positive Relationship Building, Inclusion, Community Awareness and Skill Building.
  • The 5 supports develop people who: know how to retain positive relationships, participate as beneficial community members and are economically self sufficient.

A+Mentoring is an offshoot of the widely successful Mentors+Plus program which engaged thousands of youth and hundreds of adults in El Dorado County, CA from 2003 – 2011. We are currently seeking funding which would support 2 school campuses and 3 paid adult facilitators for four years.

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Imagine schools where Positive Relationship Building is taught to youth on par with other core subjects. 

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