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Joe and Participants after a training.

While skill building around specific workplace competencies like "customer service" or "effective leadership", participants operate as a peaceful community with a innovative & empowering approach.

"I am honored to be an advocate for Joe Tassinari so others may benefit from his positive teaching methods. These unique trainings are inspiring and unifying! They've helped me and my colleagues become better people at work and at home."
  ~Fidel Alonzo (pictured above, red shirt/bottom right), Special Investigations Unit​, Stanislaus County CSA

Peaceful Workplace Series Catalog of Workshops
Trainings are customized to your needs

  • Any topic you would like to explore as a team
    (Skill-build around any topic – all workshops listed below are custom trainings requested clients)

Workplace Skill Building & Competency Training

  • Developing Positive Work Relationships 
    (Takes positive relationship building to infinity; delivers tools for consistency)
  • Engaging & Uplifting Staff Meetings
    (Transforms meetings into collaborative & desirable events that deliver positivity in real time)
  • Excellent Customer Service ~Being In Service To Others
    (Reveals and enhances customer service aptitude & professionalism for each other and customers)
  • Improving Telephone Communication
    (Observe & practice telephone – etiquette, interviewing, intonations, distractions & conflict resolution)
  • Managing Time & Self 
    (Learners discover techniques to deliver an efficient & peaceful workplace existence)
  • Positive Collaboration Between Workgroup Partnerships
    (Gives tools for partnerships ~internal or external~ to evolve to a reputable & collaborative team)
  • Preventing & Defusing Difficult Situations
    (Reveals how unity "forecasts" a peaceful workplace existence. Resolve conflict with a concise go-to plan)
  • Strengths Building as a Team 
    (Use Gallup's Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment to observe & integrate individual strengths for team unity)
  • Tools for Successful Communication
    (Positive engagement, understanding and "spirit of service" lead to clear & successful communication)

Employee Wellness Training

  • Beneficial Workplace
    (Reveal the global benefits of your organization's product and the contributions that make this happen)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking
    (Self awareness meets social awareness fostering staff unity)
  • Foundations of a Peaceful Workplace
    (Explore through engagement the inner workings of peaceful places)
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace ~The Power of Positivity
    (Taming our thoughts to be intentional about creating positivity at work … now)
  • Positive Psychology & Resiliency Research Findings
    (Actively explore why the findings from these fields validate harmony as a professional norm)
  • Understanding Team Unity ~ Trust building in the workplace
    (Validates existing unity, builds trust, acceptance and increases team harmony)
  • Wellness in the Workplace
    (Mind, body & spirit wellness enhancement, self-care & stress management for the workplace)

Leadership Trainings

  • Egalitarian Leadership
    (Leadership that offers equal access leading to staff empowerment and independent accountability)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking for Leadership
    (Self awareness meets social awareness to foster staff unity)
  • Effective & Collaborative Leadership
    (Aligns leadership in harmony with high functioning collaboration and empowerment)
  • Effective & Engaging Staff Meetings
    (Turns meetings into desirable events delivering acceptance, understanding & egalitarianism)
  • Leadership and Influence
    (Reveals and develops influence and how it contributes to staff growth & team chemistry)
  • Leadership Within A Peaceful Workplace
    (Aligns leadership in harmony with continued peaceful workplace development)
  • Team Facilitation and Collaboration Skill Building
    (Developing high functioning teams through strengths-based collaboration.
  • The Leader Within
    (Reveals & validates the leader within)

Well-being and positive culture expert – Joe Tassinari, consistently delivers trainings that are: 
~ Engaging • Uplifting • Relevant • Enjoyable ~

For companies that invest in their employees & are looking to empower their people in a meaningful way.



During each workshop listed above you can expect an uplifting experience with positive engagement by all participants. The trainings are fun, respectful and relevant. This is achieved by rallying around each person's strengths, and how these strengths benefit coworkers, clients and the organization at large

Workshops can be delivered in 3 different formats to suit your needs: Full Day, Half Day or 90 minute time-frames. They are delivered at your site for easy access or off-site for a special event.

Full Day – 9:00am-4:30pm; up to 35 peopleworkshops for peaceful workplaces
(allows for larger groups to experience the training together)

Half Day – 8:30am-Noon & 1:00pm-4:30pm; up to 24 people
(when half-day makes sense because of staff scheduling)

90 Minute – various times; up to 8 people
(when schedules necessitate shorter training chunks)

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"The course brought our group together in ways that wouldn't have seemed possible before the training."
~ Anthony Alcaraz, Admissions Dept., University of the Pacific

How To Proceed

  1. Contact Business Works and decide on a training or series of trainings that will benefit your organization.
  2. Once a topic is decided upon, we'll coordinate a workable date and time of training.
  3. The training will be delivered and validated with workshop findings & evaluation comments. 

… giving your group a concrete method for continued Extraordinary Workplace Cooperation!

Joe Tassinari
Inclusion Specialist, Instructor & Team Coach
(530) 626-8285

Read what hundreds of participants have said.

All workshops are upbeat, engaging, inclusive, experiential, and empowering.
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"His good energy and positive approach leads to an active learning environment. Participants stay involved throughout the workshop – self- reflection, interaction and personal application is high. If you are looking for a positive impact and a fresh mindset- Joe will deliver."
~Taylor Sam, Training Supervisor, University of the Pacific

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